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Wealth & Joy are here!

Samen Yoga Tribe is very happy and proud to start its collaboration with Wealth And Joy.

Starting December 2nd 2021, join us in playing or observing

our world premiere English Language version of this

Life Simulation game that is taking Asia by storm! 

Come and play Wealth Flow!


What is the Wealth Flow Simulation?

Through this simulation you will find a different world within your life. 


It is actually like a real-life simulation, simulating 40 years of our life in 3 hours. Build your life. Use your brain. Follow you heart. Make mistakes.

And then afterwards bring everything you have learned, and all the experience and wisdom that was gained back into your everyday life.

A certified Wealth Flow Coach leads the participants to improve Emotional Quotient, Adversity Quotient, Play Intelligence, Awareness Quotient, Financial Quotient and Health Quotient.


Understand how to get along better with people. Become more financially aware. Find your true life goals.

Participating in the Wealth Flow simulation can continuously improve your awareness. It allows you to look and see the iceberg below the sea's surface: the drive and power of the subconscious self.


Gain more control,

and move towards a wealthy and joyful life.

How to play
the Wealth Flow Simulation?

Meet our certified Wealth Flow Simulation coaches

Gloria Wang

Jones Liew

  • Certified Wealth Flow Coach 

  • Wealth & Joy Business Division Leader (Singapore) 

  • International Leadership & Management Trainer

  • EQ & Transformation Coach 

  • Founder of Wealth Jubilation Network

  • Certified Wealth Flow Coach 

  • Member of Millionaire Coach Club (Wealth Flow Coach)

  • Wealth & Joy Business Division Leader (Indonesia) 

  • Believer in Diamond Cutter Wisdom

  • Founder of International Mom's Mutual Assistance Alliance

"A grateful heart is the greatest gift 
Presenting WEALTH and JOY that time gives to our life,
Because gratitude brings us the sincerity and humility 
To see others, to see ourselves, 
And to see the world."


as an observer

Only €10 per session



as a player

Only €50 per game

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