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Samen Yoga Tribe


A new place to build real connection, in togetherness, from me to my body, between me and my surroundings, between me, nature and the universe.  Between me and you.

A community to bring our mind, our body and the universe together.

Our vision: 

Samen Yoga Tribe is a community to connect us in joy and health, and to bring our mind and body together.

Our mission: 

Yoga is not a physical competition, or merely a body work-out. 

Using yogic physical exercise and breathing techniques, we prepare our body and breath before we practice  meditation. This way we are able to follow the right steps towards starting to know ourselves better, and to grow by digging deep into our potential.

We are training our body and mind, to be able to lead and serve our life in the best possible way.

We are learning to manage our life energy to build a balance, to develop energetic and sustainable living. And we are connecting with people all over the world who have a similar mindset, growing together into lives of support, of joy and of love.

We are Samen Yoga Tribe

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