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THIS IS ME - 3. Facing the death

Oct.10, 2016. The day of facing death. I was fully awake, but also super sleepy.

2 days ago, one of of my team members was feeling so bad and the Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) was as low as 70 something, so we were trying to help besides the medical help, we shared our "energy", me and another psychic master - Victor. I wasn't aware of what I have done, until the next tracking trip to the higher altitude.

I was so tired after we reached to another height, which never happened before, I even went missing on the first day because I walked too fast. But not only me, but also Victor, we both felt almost out of breath. Luckily, we had one day rest to adjust to the height above 4000 meters.

The next day, we continued the journey to the last stop before Everest Base Camp, which was at 5000 meters. The moment I reached there, I just felt so tired, so I fell asleep on the bench when I arrived at the tea house.

Luckily, our team leader and also a friend - Mr.Gi noticed that I looked a bit purple, and luckily one of the best mountain sickness doctor from Taiwan - Dr. Wang just happened to be in our team, who was enjoying his trip and doing some researches at the same time, so, Mr.Gi called the doctor to perform a checkup om me immediately.

My oxygen saturation was lower than 60, which meant I was in danger of dying, because the normal level should be above 90, or at least 80.

My oxygen level was not enough to function my body, and all my organs were slowly giving up in that moment; I started to have diarrheas, dehydrated, fever...etc., lots of symptoms happened at the same time, but I was so consciously experiencing that moment, and felt too exhausted to sleep.

That night the tracking team decided that they needed to carry me down right away, because my SpO2 was only 44, which meant I could be a "dead body" in any second. I was carried down by two Sherpas - Surya and his friend, and we were accompanied by two leaders, Mr. Huang and Dr. Wang.

I could still talk with Surya clearly in English, I could still see the beautiful stars in the sky, I was quiet awake, but I was almost dying. Dr. Wang wasn't sure if I would wake up after I fell asleep.

I was dying.

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