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THIS IS ME - 2. Never go back

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

I went to Himalaya with a group of friends as planned. Before I left, I already betrayed my ex-husband and prepared my divorce, but had not completed the procedure yet.

I went on the trip and didn't know what will come next, but the only thing I knew was that I could never go back to where I was, I broke it by myself and I needed that moment of honesty.

It was my birthday when I flew to Nepal for the trekking trip, the funny thing was I fulfilled my birthday wish which made in New York few years ago, I said" I wish to travel to different countries during my birthday." And we need to transferred 3 countries to get to Nepal on my birthday. Thanks for universe, you do make my wish come true. But I need to make it more precisely. Finally, after more than 24 hours, we had arrived, a simple and interesting country - Nepal. It's cool and lots of dirt in Kathmandu, which is a capital(1400m), but it has a magic feeling that attracted us hardly went back to our normal life.

We went to visit a different city, it was more quiet and peace. And then, we started the journey to Himalaya, with a little bit luck, we flew to Lukala(2850m) smoothly, it called one of the shortest runway and dangerous.

After we arrived, we started the trekking right away. It was amazingly beautiful with the landscape. I had never seen anywhere like these before. Such broad rivers and huge mountains, even the tea houses were cute and precious for life supply. Everything matters.

During the trip, I was praying. I prayed for a different future, I wanted to enlighten thousands and thousands of people, I wanted to have partners to accomplish that with me, and I want to travel around the world to see and feel how the planet looks like now, in this moment. I wanted to give all to all and feel all, because I would never come back here to the Earth, but go back to the Source.

This reminds me that when I was a little girl, about 3 years old, I said "if I feel 'here' is fun, then I will bring another one 'here', before that, Never!" (Yes, a 3 years old girl talked about not having human babies!)

So, I kept praying when tracking to the EBC, the Everest Base Camp.

<Editor: Ling, Lee>

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