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The day when I was leading the last day of the global meditation challenge, I received this message: THIS IS ME!

It was a process before 2021, after the pranayama- yogi breathing technique, we were searching in the magazines, which we chose for ourselves without knowing why, for a picture that talked to our hearts, in the moment that we were so much aligned with ourselves.

The funny thing for me was that we were supposed to find a image, but what I found at the first glance was a sentence, which is so unlike me, (I am rather a visual-thinking person), it wrote "THIS IS ME", how ironic! And I was still trying "follow the order" and to find a suitable image, but I couldn't lie to my heart, it was touched. Eventually I showed it to people who were there, and found the reason.

I was so afraid to be different, and I was so different when I was a kid. I am a ADHD kid, who couldn't stay under control within the system like the other kids in my generation, it was a time when the term "ADHD" didn't even exist. I want to be different, as who I am; I want to know why, the reason that I exist since I was 3-year-old. I like to see the similarity in all the differences, and find the truth within. I am dark, I am bright, I am who I am, and THIS IS ME.

Gradually, I feel the power of this sentence: it does give me the power to fulfil my path, to believe in whatever there is inside me.

Yes, THIS IS ME. I am ready to share about me, the journey, the path, the magical super power of living in the flow.

Hikoawareness lives life truly with you.

Samen Yoga Tribe builds the supporting land into a love and peace world with you, a 5 dimension world together.

May the source be with us, Namaste.

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