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A cocoon forced upon us in the pandemic, die or transform ?

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

After the COVID-19, most parts of the world are still suffering from the pandemic; all kinds of the measures are being promulgated by governments around the world, ex. lock-down, air-travel ban, curfew... etc. people need to work from home, children cannot go to school, everyone need to keep 1.5 m distance with the others, no traveling to foreign countries if it's not necessary, the restaurants/cafes/bars/shops/ sport schools and so on need to be closed, most of everything "out there" are being paused. Most of us are forbidden to approach the others, even our families and friends.

It's not easy, even for people trying so hard to be positive, it's tough.

It feels like being in a cocoon, a forced cocoon that surrounds us when the time comes, which leaves us no choices. Without any activities outside, we can only "go inside". We stay at home a lot, stay with our close families, our partners and children; we have nowhere to hide, to fade out, to run away with a "reasonable reason"; we are locked down in the situations, with no excuses, we are forced to face them. Continue or finish? Transform or die?

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There are lots of arguments, fights, tears, depressions, helplessness, hopelessness and desperations. But there comes also lots of understanding when we look it closer, discover it further; there comes lots of new ways and transformations when we accept it and try to find the way out. Like lots of people find themselves having much more time than before because the need of traveling and socializing are temporarily taken away from us, they can thus use the time for some learning or creation. That's the miracles of human beings: as long we we keep breathing, there's hope.

In this moment of twilight, what's your choice to go through this cocoon, die or transform? Complain or find a new way out?


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