Man proposes, god disposes?or God disposes, man proposes! 盡人事,聽天命?聽天命,盡人事!

There is an all-time-favorite saying in Chinese: Man proposes, god disposes” which has been regarded as a standard. Many people work so hard to consciously and unconsciously realize this idea, but it doesn’t always lead to positive results, but rather lead us farther and farther away from the path of our lives, because we become too immersed in trying and let the opportunities just slip away; furthermore, exactly because we have worked so hard, we become unconsciously obsessed with the result and just sink deeper and deeper into the negative cycle, until there is no return and we have no choice but to stop, and start allover again. But time flies during all these detours. What if we can step on the right and suitable path earlier? Would we be able to avoid the going astray and accumulate more life assets?


To be on the right path that fit, we need to know what suits us. It sounds broad, but it's actually very simple. First, we have to know who we are, or at least be able to connect with ourselves. Knowing oneself seems to be a simple yet difficult task, especially if we spend most of our life trying to meet the expectations of people around us, trying to be accepted and loved, then we usually make many choices and actions against our intentions. Over time, even we ourselves have forgotten who we are, what we like and what we don’t like, let alone the people around us; what about connecting with ourselves?

Am I not myself? Yes, we live in our bodies, we learn many external knowledge, and many people are so learned and accomplished, but they don’t get their own minds, they lose track of their physical conditions, and they can’t feel the differences between their minds and bodies, they don’t care about their energy status. They run around all day long and over-consume their energy until they can’t anymore. They are shocked when they are finally ill. Some people still can’t accept the consequences but rather complain that God is unfair. But have you tried to receive the message from the Universe? Have you paid attention to it? Do you have the ability and space of mind to learn and adjust? This is the key to whether we can step on the path that suits us and choose to share the real talent of us: receiving and learning.


Have you ever experienced when driving on the road, there are signs pointing to the destination, but for some reason, you just didn’t see it. You drove all the way in the opposite direction, but after a long time you still haven’t arrived. The other passenger mentioned that there seemed to be a sign pointing to the other direction, but you just couldn’t see it. Life is somehow also similar. In the journey of life, there is often a lot of information that surrounds us, guiding the way forward. What is interesting is that life is a journey that unfolds in many spaces, unlike ordinary roads that have clear directions, it is relatively easy to lose our way. We can go astray even if there are roads and signs. Especially since everyone is so unique and embraces a different journey, we need to have our own compasses and the ability to observe as the guide for our journey.


How to get a precious life compass?

The most important compass in life is our body and heart. If we don’t have a healthy body to become our best driving companion, most of us can’t go anywhere. More importantly, the body is the most important sensor. If it is well connected to our heart, the body will be the ultimate indicator of right and wrong, it will even help us deal with emergencies. I think you may have the experience of going to some places and feel that the whole body is just wrong, or you might have seen/read reports of animals evacuating before the disaster. Because the body can feel it. And our heart is the important diffuser and receiver. If our heart is contracted, it will continue to speed up with all the plans and goals in our head, and we will not be able to see everything happening around us, we will not be able to learn and adjust according to the current situation. Then where do we really exist? In an illusion in our mind? Or in reality?



It's a pity that most of us live in plans in our brains and rely on decisions so as to avoid fear and failure, and we forget that the brain is only one of the organs in the body, not all. Only when the brain and the heart are in harmony, can we create the greatest value and enjoy success. The heart is our important navigator in this journey of life; when the heart beats, it gives us great motivation to move forward. No matter how many ups and downs there are on the way, we will continue to move forward bravely. There is a quote from “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho which goes: “and, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” This is the power of the heart.


Opening up the heart and body has become the key on the journey of life. When our mind and body are no longer locked, we gain the ability to feel the world; we no longer live in the small world of our own head; we turn from having “tunnel sights” to having broader vision; we are no longer hiding in our own comfort zone, but are willing to challenge, try and learn bravely. We only live once, what kind of life do you want to have? How do you want to share your existence with this world?


,我們開始從短視近利(tunnel sights)到宏觀生命(broader vision);我們不在躲在自己舒適的框框,而次願意勇敢去挑戰、嘗試與學習。如果你只活一次!你想要體驗怎樣的生命?想要如何與這個世界分享你的存在?

Samen Yoga Tribe, open the mind and body to explore the miracles in the world with you.

Samen Yoga Tribe, 和你一起打開身心,體驗世界的奇蹟。

<Sharer: Hiko Chen>

<Translator: Ling,Lee>

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