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Get what you really want

Have you ever thought that you always meet the wrong person, the outcome was never what you truly wished for?

As if we have been dialing the correct number but was incorrectly connected?

Or have we been dialing the right number?

I have experiences just like that. I thought by being genuine, putting in more efforts and taking more on my shoulders would give me the possibility to change things. Until I realized that I might have been sending out the wrong signals all along!

Yes, I did so many so called “correct” things and took all the unclaimed responsibilities, but all these seemingly correct behaviors kept me farther and farther away from the direction I desired. Because the message I was sending out was that I am resolute and independent, and it was like holding up a shield to keep the strangers away, which was no different from telling people to “get away from me! I can do everything on my own.” Of course I never have gotten the supports and help I really desired.

I gradually started to see the failure signals I sent out. I learned to find a different route in life and communicate with the correct messages, after a nearly death experience. I surrendered and submitted myself to my own weakness and dark sides, I began to integrate with the reality and was able to communicate honestly using the signals I really needed. Slowly but surely, life turned to the direction I wished for.

It turns out that getting the life I want and fulfilling what I wish for starts with being honest with myself and sending out a genuine signal.

Hikoawareness is here with you, to come closer to your heart, to send out your genuine signal and receive the respond that we truly desire.








Hikoawareness 與你一同靠近自己,發出真實的訊號,得到我們渴望的回應。

Jan/7/2021 Hiko

<Translator/ Editor: Ling, Lee>

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