Be a human-being.

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

But I am a human-being!

Are you sure about that? Or are you trying to live like the others or a similar machine for a long time?

In a high performance society, we were being taught to be "good", getting higher scores, earning more money, reaching for higher positions, marketing more to get clients, chasing for more day and night....and make no mistakes.

HOW does that feel like? Joyful or stressful? Human or machine? The life that you want to live? The life that you feel content with when you close your eyes in the last moment of life?

No matter how you feel, I believe you know what I am talking about. It's not happening in some places only, it's a kind of global phenomenon now, which also creates a global imbalance. We don't live like human beings anymore, we disconnect from the surrounding, we are only goal-oriented, we are under pressure without knowing, and we forget who we are. We only try to be good, instead of being true to ourselves.


It's time for us to be true to ourselves, if you are tired of something in life. It's time to change and transform.

And the first step would be live as a human-being, which means take good care of yourself, respect your differences, and develop what's in you to share those with the world. And that is called: LOVE INTELLIGENCE, LQ.

It's a new, but original talent that we are born with, we just need to find it again.

When we are able to share our talent with the world, and shine our own lights, instead of competing, we are creating a harmonious and cooperative world, like in the ancient time, but with higher self-awareness. Therefore, we will create a real high performance society, where each of us is able to dedicate their special talents towards each other.

We are unique as who we are, we are born to shine as children do.

Let's support each other by being who we really are, develop self-respect and respect the others as they are.

Love you, dear one and only.

Be who you are!

Samen Yoga Tribe, may the source be with you.

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