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3 tips to use LOVE as a powerful tool to be happy at work

Have you ever think about love could be a powerful tool in career development? Not me years ago. I thought to become successful, we must equip "hard" skill, such as programming, statistic, project management and so on.

However, sometimes you learn all the skills and tools that most people think are "useful", and it may be true, but you just don't feel right about doing it. Repeating the same calculation makes you feel boring. Staring at the screen 8 hours a day drives you crazy. Emptiness- that's the word pops-up while you think of your job.

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Loving individuals value close relationships with others...Love can be expressed toward those we depend on, toward those who depend on us...This strength allows people to put their trust in others and make them a priority in making decisions. They experience a sense of deep contentment from their devotion.

My signature strength is LOVE, amazing right! how can love be a top strength? How can it help me at work?

Know your strength and use it at work, make yourself a happy worker

The truth is, if you're not doing what your' priory character says, not using your top strength at work, you wouldn't like your daily job routines much. In the early 2000s, something groundbreaking occurred in the social sciences: Scientists discovered a common language of 24 character strengths that make up what’s best about our personality.

Everyone possesses all 24 character strengths in different degrees, so each person has a truly unique character strengths profile. How happy you are at work, depends on how your job allows you to use your strength.

The best place to work is where to enhance your strengths

What kind of place is suitable for me to work? When I can trust my partners or colleagues at work, I feel happier. When I can build a positive relationship with others at work, I cherish the job. A trustful and kind working environment strength my Love character, make me feel happy at work.

I also recalled how I left few jobs, how couldn't I trust the company or managers at work, how I felt about the bad relationship between colleagues in the offices. Love makes me devote myself to work. Without a place with love. I'm not able to stay long.

A place you find you can utilize top strength, you will be happy to work there.

3 tips to use LOVE as a powerful tool to be happy at work

The 24 Characters survey suggests few ways to strengthen my LOVE quality (and I feel happier while doing it). There are 3 tips I found them useful to use at work:

  1. Explore and appreciate the strengths of your loved ones ( colleagues at work ). Have you ever noticed how many people you had interacted with within one day? You cannot do everything yourself at work. Cooperation is the base of every organization. Appreciate and say thank you to the colleague who prints a document for you. Cherish the coworker whose funny jokes always give positive vibes in the office. Explore and observe your colleagues mindfully. You will find out that they all amazing in one aspect.

  2. Express (verbally and/or non-verbally) to your loved ones that no matter what happens, your love for them will remain unconditional. Ok, expressing such unconditional love to your colleagues at work or clients could be too much. Be sure that they know that you will always stand on their side - that is a way to show them your love. Your coworker and clients depend on you, and you also depends on them. If they need you, give them your hands, support them and love them. When you help others, it eventually makes you happier.

  3. Go out for lunch or dinner. Having lunch with your coworker or clients is a great way to build a connection. You get the chance to know more about them, to express your appreciation toward them. It's a great moment to express love. On top of that, nutrients in food allow your body to produce more feel-good chemicals: serotonin and dopamine. Having food together bring you and others closer and happier.

Love is the quality all human beings have, no matter what is your signature strength. Try to express love to people around you, not only make you a happy person but giving others a happy moment.

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