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Something exciting is coming...

Samen Yoga Tribe


Samen Yoga Tribe joins forces with Wealth And Joy

We are VERY proud to announce that we are partnering with the circle of Wealth And Joy.

Wealth And Joy is a practical philosophy movement that strives to unlock everyone's power of freedom.

Active in the East for over two years now, this movement has grown to have a huge following of people who are tired of living in a world of indifference, egotism, greed and ego and the mindless pursuit of money for the sake of money.

Wealth And Joy helps people finding their own way to their own wealth: in an emotional, social, spiritual AND practical sense. And in that wealth, and in the power to share from that abundance, to find joy and peace in life again.

Like Samen Yoga Tribe, Wealth And Joy celebrates balance and optimism and hope for mankind.
We can change. And as we change, so will the world.

So we are very excited about this growth!
Keep an eye out! Much more information will come your way VERY soon!

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