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It's happening!

As we promised, in February 2021 we are starting to offer you online yoga trainings on every single working day!

Click here to become a Tribe Member NOW to be able to join ALL of these!

Join today for only 21 Euro! *)

To join any or all (yes!!! all!) of these classes, please create an account, sign up, and join our Tribe. 

It is VERY easy.
Just go here!

*) This is a very special, very limited offer for Early Tribers. It will expire soon..  So if you are feeling with us, join now

    Pranayama (breath work):
Breath is something we do every minute, not paying much attention to it. This practice focuses on the breath in every body movement, preparing our body for better breathes. You'll also learn Yogic breathing techniques Pranayama, to boost your life force.

    Movement in Yoga:
Refind the mobility of our body and mind!
will flow into all kinds of body postures with our breaths, learning how to synchronise and liberate our body and mind through movement.

    Pain release:
Have you ever experienced back pain during day or night? Does it influence your mood, work or learning performance et cetera? You will get back-up from this class. Learn and practice easy to learn techniques to release tension anywhere from your back to your mind.

    Mindfulness Yoga:
We are building our strength from the base, moving slowly to learn and use our body mindfully, to know ourselves better and how to use ourselves more correctly. From breathing mindfully with our body and mind, we learn to live here and now.

Please take note!

All scheduled times are Central European Time.

If you are in a different time zone, please check here (this links opens a time zone converter!) to see what time these lessons will be available for you in your own area.

We are working hard to implement a new system that will allow you to book and see lessons in your own time zone!

In the meantime we apologise for any inconvenience.

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