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Join us
from any corner of the globe !
Learning Yoga online might be lonely,
but in the Samen Yoga Tribe you won't be alone.

In Samen Yoga Tribe, you'll find a global community to support each other. Your yoga practice won't be just on the mat.

What we care about is doing things together, with love!

Join us
from any corner of the globe!
Samen Yoga Tribe - a community to connect us in joy and health, and to bring our mind and body together.

Yoga is not a physical competition, or only a body work-out. This is the doctrine of Samen Yoga Tribe.

Using yogic physical exercise and breathing technique, we prepare our body and breath before we practice meditation. This way we are able to follow the right steps to start to know ourselves better and to grow by digging deep into our potential.

We are training our body and mind, to be able to lead and serve our life in the best possible way. We are learning to manage our life energy to build a balance, to develop energetic and sustainable living.

And we are connecting with people all over the world who have a similar mindset, growing together into lives of support, of joy and of love.

Once you joined, all of this is yours in our Tribe !
  • 🧘🏽‍♀️ 4 FREE yoga trainings PER WEEK!

  • 🚪 Access to all recorded classes and bonus materials

  • 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 FREE to join all upcoming live courses and events related to health and wellness

  • ... and more benefits coming soon!!!


That's great!

Samen Yoga Tribe is a place where we share ideas,  and build this community together.
Tell us! We are all ears 👂

In the Classroom
What can you find in
Samen Yoga Tribe ?
For the Yoga Teacher
  • Learn more about health and wellness, and gain deeper knowledge from our guest experts, and from each other.

  • Meet other yoga lovers, and get a chance to organise your own event or class with us.


For the Yoga Practitioner
  • You will get the opportunity to dive into deeper knowledge about Yoga

  • You get to share your own ideas and thoughts, and ask questions regarding your practice or life

  • You have a wish to learn something specific? Just ask! Triber Elders will do their best to make your dream come true.

  • Sometimes we step into a yoga studio not only for the class, but also for the classmates and for the teacher. Here you connect with like-minded people from all around the world.

For those new to Yoga
  • This is the best place to start: we have beginner-friendly classes, and thoughtful teachers to help and explain along the way

  • An open, friendly atmosphere to ask any kind of question.

  • You practice more than yoga on the mat. Here we offer meditation, breathing exercise, mindfulness... and more! We care not only about physical health, but also about mental and spiritual health.

Yoga Class
Join us
from any corner of the globe!
So where would you find typical members of
Samen Yoga Tribe ?


Because there are no "typical" members!

And everywhere!

Because you can be anything or anywhere and still feel the same attraction.

We are

  • Stay At Home moms and dads

  • Remote workers

  • Yoga lovers

  • Yoga teachers

  • Designers

  • Office workers

  • Accountants

  • Creative artists

  • University students

  • Professionals in any field

  • Old with young minds

  • Young with old souls

  • Masters of our craft

  • Beginners of something new

and so much more...

If any of this sounds like you,
then Samen Yoga Tribe IS a place for you!

Thinking about me, I do...

  • love to participate in self-development related events, such as book reading, workshops, yoga, and so on.

  • enjoy learning new things to add spices to their life, open to new experiences and cultures

  • appreciate proper quality of life, where money is important but never the whole and sole purpose of life

  • care about diet, carefully choose what to eat, but don't mind spoiling myself now and again with a scoop of ice-cream (or whatever else brings me joy).

  • relish spending an afternoon to catch up with a friend, or making new friends

  • feel a drive to strive for a kinder world, greater care for the earth, to address climate change, animal rights, wellness, public health or any other welfare topic

What sets Samen Yoga Tribe apart from all the other online yoga studios?

👥 Connection is our priority. We believe that "together we are stronger". Sometimes practicing yoga can be lonely, and it's hard to be consistent. Our classes not only focus on giving you a lot of practice, but also on sharing your experience, on asking questions, spending time with classmates and teachers, and exploring your body and mind together with others.

☯️ Holistic Health Care is key for our classes. We really care about your physical, mental, spiritual, and social needs. We know all these aspects affect our overall health. That's why we not only have yoga classes, but we also meditate, talk about our life, and organise events to meet your needs to lead a happy life.

💕 We share Kindness and Love. Bringing happiness to our Tribers' life is our main goal. Samen Yoga Tribe is not a place to achieve cool advanced yoga poses to show off on Instagram. It's a place to bring love and kindness to our body and our mind.

🆓 Freedom of choice. In the tribe, you're free to attend whatever you think you need from any and all of our classes and events.

Join us
from any corner of the globe!
Join us
from any corner of the globe!
We are Samen Yoga Tribe's elders!

Hey, this is Hiko, Martijn and Sima.

We're the elders of Samen Yoga Tribe.


Hiko is a well-traveled soul in the Universe.

For more than 18 years she's been guiding the body and mind of many into their transformational progresses on Earth with yoga and mindfulness training.

Martijn is a project manager with a not-so-secret dream to make the world a bit better. He lives with two cats and drinks too much coffee.

Sima is a yoga teacher and yoga therapist from Taiwan and based in Malta. She taught students from 11 different countries online and offline. She travels around the world with a crazy but loving soul.


Because of Yoga, we met each other.

During COVID-19, after the first lock-down in Europe, we -as yoga teachers- still try, like many others, to find a way to serve our clients by taking our teaching online.

But the difference is that instead of competition, we try to cooperate with teachers from all over the world, to better serve our students. 

We never met each other in person before, but from intuition and the experience from yoga, we trust the process of connection.

So here we are. Building a more holistic community to support more people in these transformative times.

Join us
from any corner of the globe!
 This is YOUR place ! 


  • If you are facing challenges, pains or aches in body or mind,

  • if you want to transform sustainably,

  • if you are looking for people to grow together,

THIS is where you belong.

To plant a healthily growing seed within us, to irrigate and cultivate it with the consistent practice together with Samen Yoga Tribespeople, the path is not one to go alone, but to go being supported.


We grow together with a healthier, stronger body and mind, to develop and share our talents to make the world a better place.

  • How can I join the online classes and events?
    We currently use Zoom as platform to host all our live classes and events. Once you register for any class, a Zoom link will be sent to your e-mail address automatically and immediately!
  • Can I join a class without booking in advanced?
    When you have purchased your membership, you can follow any and all classes you like. But any class you want to attend you do have to book in advance! So please make sure to use our booking system to book every session you intend to participate in. Note that any sessions with no bookings may be canceled without prior notice.
  • Where can I find recorded video of the classes?
    The videos will be made available to registered paying members through the members resource zone. We are still setting that up, so bear with us! As a registered paying members you will have access to the video without any time limits: it will always be avaliable.
  • Where Is the community hosted?
    We already have a private facebook group to host our community. This group is available to everyone who has joined our events or classes! We're also working on creating a community section on Samen Yoga Tribe, specifically for and by our Tribers. Coming soon!
  • Can I still join classes I booked once I cancelled Triber membership?
    Sorry, no. Cancellation -like registration- is implemented immediately. Only members have access to our online classes. So after cancellation, you will not be able to join any classes or events, even though you may have registered beforehand. Also, on top of that, you will lose access to any online materials. So please make sure you've attended the events or classes you want to join before you cancel.
  • Can I just pay for one single training that I want to join?
    Sorry, no. Currently we are not offering trainings for purchase per session. But note that a Triber Membership subscription will give you access to all the trainings. (Yes!That's right! All of them!)
  • Where can I find the schedule for classes and events?
    You will find all the info on our website: . If there any changes or updates we will also inform you via e-mail.
  • Will the fee of Triber Membership go up in the future?
    Once you join our Triber Membership the rate will be the same for good as long as your remain a Triber. However, if you cancel the Triber Membership, we can not guarantee that the price will remain the same in future should you at any point decide you'd like to rejoin again. Our Triber Membership price may increase at any time.
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